Broadway Railway Station - Railways of the Vale of Evesham

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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
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GWR 4575 Class no. 5530 at Broadway Station (date and photographer unknown, possibly taken circa 1960)
Broadway was opened on the 1st August 1904 and the location of the station to  the west of the village meant that there was a cutting to the north of the  station and an embankment to the south. The goods yard had to be built up to  the rail level and the goods shed required sunken pillars as part of the  foundations. The south end of the platforms also required supports. The goods  yard was south of the A44 road bridge and the station was to the north of it. A  signal box was also provided by the main road.

The station was important to the local nobility of the area, some of whom  used the station to commute to London. Gordon Russel Co., a local furniture  makers also made use of the freight facilities and during the 1930's they sent  wagons to Welwyn Garden at the rate of one a day. Excursions were also run to  Broadway for the local point-to-point meetings.

The station closed on the 7th March 1960 and the goods yard closed on the 1st  June 1964. The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway re-opened the station in  2018 and it is currently the northern terminus of the line.
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