Toddington Railway Station - Railways of the Vale of Evesham

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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
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Toddington station, looking north, 21st November, 2010
Situated on a crossroads between two important roads in the area, it is not too surprising that Toddington would become a major player on the Stratford to Cheltenham line. The station was opened in December 1904, and boasted impressive goods facilities; it was these facilities that would play the major role in the station's life, both before and after 1976.

Not only was freight transported from the station, but trains would be inspected and maintained at Toddington as well, with wheel tapping, examining and greasing being performed on most freight trains while they took on water.

The station closed to passengers in 1960 and goods in 1967, although the signal box was in use until the closure of the line in 1976.  Toddington was chosen as the starting point for the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's restoration of the line in part due to the space available for stabling locomotives and rolling stock. Today the station has been returned to its former glory.
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