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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Broom Junction
BR Standard 4MT no. 75001 at Broom Junction with a southbound train, 23rd April, 1962
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Broom Junction was not originally part of the Redditch to Ashchurch line; it was built as an exchange platform when the Stratford-Upon-Avon and Midland Junction Railway opened in June 1879, with a north-facing junction at Broom. An extension of this line to Worcester was proposed but never built.

Broom Junction featured one island platform with booking office, and two sidings by the platform. There were originally two signal boxes, north and south of the station, but the north box was closed around 1928. The station was also equipped with a small turntable to allow engines coming off the SMJ to be turned.

In 1942 a south curve was opened to allow trains coming off the SMJ direct access to the south. Another signal box (Broom West) was also opened at this time.

The opening of a new junction in 1960 at Stratford from the SMJ to the Stratford to Cheltenham line saw the southbound traffic routed along this line, and the Stratford-Broom section closed; Broom Junction being closed completely in 1962. Today, the site of the station has been obliterated by a new road, but the remains of Broom West signal box can still be seen.
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