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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Cheltenham Malvern Road
Cheltenham Malvern Road was the main station for Cheltenham on the Stratford-Cheltenham line, and was opened on the 30th March 1908. It was a major junction station as it was from Malvern Road that the spur to Cheltenham St James, the station closest to the town centre, ran from. Local passenger services from the north had to reverse at Malvern Road to get to St James and a bay platform was provided for their use. Through expresses did not use the spur and passengers wanting St James had to use local services to complete their journey.

The station also boasted goods facilities and an engine shed.  The station was under the jurisdiction of St James and closed on the 5th June 1966. The line around Malvern Road is now a walkway and it is now unlikely that the line will be re-opened here.
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