Cheltenham St James Railway Station - Railways of the Vale of Evesham

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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Cheltenham St James
Cheltenham St James was opened on the 23rd October 1847 as a  terminus for trains from Gloucester and London. It was originally laid to broad  gauge, but was relaid to standard gauge in May 1872. It boasted large freight  facilities (most Cheltenham freight was handled at St James) and a turntable.  The station also had an engine shed, but this was removed when the line from  Stratford arrived at Malvern Road and engines were subsequently shedded at  Malvern Road.

The station began to decline with the withdrawal of services  towards Kingham and the station closed to most traffic on 3rd January 1966,  although some coal traffic remained until the 31st October of that year. Today  the site of the station has been completely redeveloped.   
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