Evesham (Midland/LMS) Railway Station - Railways of the Vale of Evesham

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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Evesham (Midland/LMS)
Evesham Midland/LMS station, looking east, 11th June, 1962.  LMS class 4MT no. 43033 awaits departure with an Ashchurch train (Photographer Unknown).
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The Midland Railway opened a second station in Evesham in 1864, with the construction of the line south to Ashchurch.  This station was located just south of the Great Western Railway's station, and as a result was slightly closer to the town centre. The main buildings were on the north side, and the station shared a common entrance with the GWR station.  

The station was initially built with a temporary wooden structure, and for the first two years of its life it was a terminus.  However, goods services north to Alcester commenced in 1866, and the temporary buildings were eventually replaced by more permanent structures in 1865, with the main station building having an ornate glass canopy which was the basis for similar structures on later Midland Railway stations.  For the most part of the station's life, it operated with one signal box, although between 1890 and 1905, two signal boxes were provided, one at the south end of the station, and one at the start of the single line section to Redditch (the latter was eventually closed and its duties passed to the other).   

The goods shed was located to the south of the station (seen on the right of the above photograph), and was mainly used for the transportation of fruit, although cattle-handling facilities were also provided.  There was also a loading dock on the north side of the station, which had an interchange connection with the GWR line.  Initially an engine shed and turntable were also provided west of the station; the shed was closed in 1930, but the turntable was kept in use and was actually extended at some point after closure of the shed.  

Although it was theoretical possible to move trains between the two systems, the link faced towards Worcester and no real use was made of this facility except for the exchange of goods wagons.   However, in 1957, a new connection that allowed westbound GWR trains to go south to Ashchurch and vice-versa was installed, primarily as a diversionary facility off the Stratford-Cheltenham line.  A new signal box was installed at the new junction; this is the signal box in use today on the GWR line.   

However, this facility was not to last very long.  1962 saw all services between Evesham and Alcester withdrawn, and 1963 saw all services to Ashchurch withdrawn as well.  The station subsequently closed, and most of the site ended up being used as housing.  The main station building remained, and is currently in private use; 2016 saw a blue plaque dedicated to Sir Henry Fowler placed on this building.  Born in Evesham, he was Chief Mechanical Engineer for the Midland and London Midland and Scottish railways.
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