Railways of The Vale of Evesham - Railways of the Vale of Evesham

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Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Railways of the Vale of Evesham
Although the Vale of Evesham is generally considered to be the area between Bredon Hill and the Cotswolds, I have taken a more generous approach to the area involved in when compiling this website. It covers the area from Redditch in the north to Cheltenham in the south and Worcester Shrub Hill in the West to Moreton-in-the-Marsh in the east.

Credit must also go to my late father, Mr John Kyte (who I consider to be the co-author of this site), who granted me use of his collection of books on the subject, his memories of growing up next to the railway lines in Evesham, some of which have now been published in his own words on the site, and a few of his photographs.

In addition, as a member of the Vale of Evesham Historical Society, I have been given permission to make use of their photograph collection on this site, and as a result I can now provide illustrations for some of the station pages which I could not previously do so.   In a lot of cases, I don't know the name of the photographer who took the photograph, but have supplied the name in the cases where I do.   Anyone wishing to contact the VoEHS about these photographs can do so via their website.  

The redrawing of the area diagram has seen a slight expansion of the area covered southeast from Moreton towards Kingham.    This now gives me possibility of expanding the site to cover Kingham to Cheltenham, and because the VoEHS photograph collection contains items relating to the Ashchurch to Tewkesbury line, I may also cover this section at a future date as well.

2020 has finally seen the site get its own domain name as well as a rebuild into HTML5.  I've also expanded the section on the Stratford and Midland Junction Railway (and corrected an error on the Googlemap), mainly down to having obtained Barry Taylor's excellent two-volume work on the subject, and installed a Googlemap of the Shipston-on-Stour Branch.  A site search facility has been added in January 2022.

In the decade or so since I started this site, the outlook for the railways of the Vale of Evesham has become more positive.   The section from Evesham to Moreton was doubled in 2011, and despite the landslips of 2010, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway continues to expand.   I for one hope this trend continues, although quite how the Covid pandemic will affect matters remains to be seen.  

Richard Kyte
January 2022
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